"I felt so safe"
Ian Somerhalder ruined my life ll« That in death you're the one that made me feel most alive.» ♡KLAROLINE;that kind of love never dies♡ Stydia.Swiftie since 1989, whore. "What's a king of bed without a queen?" {TVD} {TW} {SKINS}
She won at life.
'You have the Petrova Fire…'
"Delena is only sex" Well then.
'I want to rip your clothes off,right here in the middle of the hall,and throw you in one of these classrooms,and kiss every square inch of your body'
It’s too dangerous. Damon + Elena
Tell me,that you don’t feel something for him. - Stefan
Damon changes her, consumes her. Damon + Elena
-I love you +Then stop loving me -I can’t // Damon+Elena
Kiss me like you wanna be loved.
Damon + Elena
Damon + Elena i will go down with this ship
Damon and Elena